Tuesday, February 7, 2017


In my book The Cellar so far it's about a girl that gets kidnapped and put into this guys basement. The  guy(Clover) also kidnapped 3 other girls not including Summer. The guy then calls them names of flowers and saying how the girls are his family. They are locked in a hidden basement that doesn't look so bad. The "cellar" has a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and rooms for them to sleep in. The other girls(Violet, Poppy, and Rose) didn't have anyone looking for them because they were living on the streets before Clover kidnapped them. The only girl who they are looking for is Summer and everyday she is mentioned in the newspaper and tv but she's been gone for a week so far. Violet and summer tried to escape but summer got caught so Clover murdered her and now she's looking for a new girl to replace and call Violet.

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